10 Awesome LGBTQ+ Artists to Follow!

10 Awesome LGBTQ+ Artists to Follow!

By Tamika Wright

It is #20gayteen and it’s time to show my support for my favorite LGBTQ+ artists!

  1. Loran Iris (@loraniristattoos)

Loran Iris

Yes, tattoo artists are artists too! Loran Iris is known for her beautiful depictions of flowers and animals, often favoring tattoo outlines (as opposed to shading/coloring the tattoo in).

     2. Vilela Valentin (@vilelavalentinarte)

vilela valentin

If ever there was an artist who should be famous for having art is so provocative and beautiful, it would be Vilela Valentin. His art style revolves around the color blue and florals and often includes a shirtless, tattooed man. His pieces often involve gay men embracing or men imitating sexual acts with inanimate objects.


  1. Ricardo Bessa (@rbessaaa)

ricardo bessa

Good lord, the detail! Ricardo Bessa’s artwork is just oozing with time and effort and care. Just looking at one of his pieces is sure to make you fall in love.


  1.   Sara “Sergle” Tisdale (sergle.tumblr.com)

Sara Sergle Tisdale

I am a gigantic fan of Sergle. Her art is bright and vibrant and sometimes girly and gothy and I love it so so much. Every single girl that she draws just reminds me of how gay I am.


  1. Jenn St-Onge (@princess_jem4)

Jenn St. Onge

Jenn St-Onge is a comic book illustrator and her art style shows it. Her characters are solidified in thick black lines and range from being sort of cartoonish and adorable to bloody and vicious.


  1. Kehinde Wiley (http://kehindewiley.com/)

kehinde wiley

The painter behind Barack Obama’s famous portrait is amazing to say the very least. Known for his striking photo realism and gaudy backgrounds, Kehinde Wiley has made a name for himself within Hollywood and has painted celebrities like Kanye West and Beyoncé.


  1. Ombeline Guillaume (@obln)

ombeline guillaume

Ombeline Guillaume’s art is haunting and indescribable. Her art ranges from embroidery to sketches to digital paintings. How someone can be that talented in more than one medium is beyond me.


  1. Molly Jean (@maddmoll)

molly jean

Do I love “object-head” art? Yes. Does Molly Jean do an excellent job at creating comic-like, one of a kind, stunning art? Yes. Am I dangerously close to getting yet another tattoo? Absolutely.


  1. Alicia Cardell (@acardellart)

Alicia Cardell

Another artist with a noticeable talent for detail, Alicia Cardell seems to favor the pen-and-paper type of illustration as opposed to digital medium. She also has a talent for watercolor and drawing dogs.


  1. Muriel de Mai (murieldemai_tattoo)

muriel de mai

The tattoos of Muriel de Mai are consistent and minimalist. With bold lines and blacked out hair, her tattoos are sure to age well and look beautiful to boot.

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