Alexander Rodriguez Discusses “Glitterbomb,” A New QPOC-Hosted Talk Show

Alexander Rodriguez Discusses “Glitterbomb,” A New QPOC-Hosted Talk Show

By Jasmine Lowe

Alexander Rodriguez has a passion for all things that are entertainment related. He’s the dapper dressing, martini-sipping, host of LATV’s new groundbreaking weekly talk show, Glitterbomb. Although the iHeartRadio personality will now make waves alongside “Entertainment Weekly” senior editor, Patrick Gomez, and actor, Enrique Sapene, in LGBTQ Latino programming history as part of the first-ever talk show with an entire gay, Latino, Hollywood-insider cast, his career path wasn’t always aimed at sitting in front of the camera.

“I got my college degree in theater performance and directing, and I did a lot of stuff when I was young like musical theater and theater throughout Southern California, and then I went into banking as a fluke,” said Rodriguez referencing his position as the Vice President with the Entertainment Division at Citi National Bank. “They dealt primarily with celebrities, so I was the banker for so many different A-list celebrities. We got to know when they were breaking up before the headlines did because they would come freeze their accounts or separate their funds.”

However, remaining obsessed with the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood and being the life of the party that he once attended led him deeper into the world of entertainment.

“The gay Latin population is becoming more and more visible.”

“I went to a web series premiere party, and I love my cocktails, so I was shutting the place down,” said Rodriguez. “One of the actresses in the web series had just bought a radio station, which is the Universal Broadcasting Network, and she says, ‘you are so funny you should come and try to do a radio show.’”  


Rodriguez ended up meeting his future Glitterbomb co-host, Enrique Sapene, when Sapene was a guest on his show, “On The Rocks.” The pair ended up filming the pilot and anticipate the airing of the first episode of the television series just seven months later.

Although the groundbreaking all-gay cast leads the entertainment-themed talk show, the guests and the topics are diverse, wide-ranging, and inclusive.

“We happened to be gay, and we interview everybody under the sun,” said Rodriguez about the talk show. “The Latin market tends to be very old-fashioned because there’s a lot of old-school Catholicism involved, family values, and family traditions. But the young Latin community in the United States is changing that, and households are having conversations about sexuality. The gay Latin population is becoming more and more visible.

Rodriguez with his mom

“Family values can be the same whether you have two dads, two moms, or a mom and a dad.”

For LATV to take the initiative and start this, it’s a gamble for them,” Rodriguez explained. “Kickback from certain sponsors that are very old-fashioned. We are going to be in 13 million households across the U.S. Some households may not want three gay guys in their living room talking about entertainment on a Thursday night. It will be very interesting to see how the public response. However, our initial response to even conservative sponsors has been really great, because we’ve really strived to make it so inclusive where it’s not going to shut everybody out. You can watch it with your family. You can be straight and watch it and have a good time.”

Not only is the show important in its inclusivity while still diving deep into a wide range of different topics and subject matter, but the show itself comes during a time when its outward display of positive LGBTQ Latinx representation is so necessary and unprecedented.

“Family values can be the same whether you have two dads, two moms, or a mom and a dad. That’s what a family is nowadays, and we are seeing that on TV. The characters on TV are reflecting who’s actually in the community. Especially now with our social and political climate, people want their voices heard. They need their voices heard, an that we don’t get ignored and pushed aside. There’s this energy that is happening in the U.S. We have protests going on, and we have social media blowing up as to what’s happening in politics and, depending on what your political view is, it’s a very dangerous time in the U.S.

On the other hand, it’s also inspiring a young generation to get involved in politics,” Rodriguez went on to say. “The Youth are now involved even before they could vote, and there’s this energy happening and this power shift where the US is going to be run by this youthful energy. It’s not going to be run by old people in the White House and I think that’s what’s changing and that’s why a show like this is happening. It’s time.”

The weekly pop-culture English-language talk show, Glitterbomb, premiered September 20th on LATV Network and will run through December.

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