King Princess – Make My Bed Album Review

King Princess – Make My Bed Album Review

Genderqueer pop artist King Princess debuted her first EP Make My Bed under Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Recordings.  King Princess at just nineteen years old has proven to be a rising icon. She is an artist of her craft, mastering the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Additionally, she is a songwriter and a producer on top of being a singer.  King Princess is exactly what her name entails: a force to be reckoned with.

Her new project Make My Bed is a short four track album accompanied by an interlude. The album is a total tease; fifteen minutes is just not enough time.  What stands out about this album is that the world was introduced to a potential superstar via a short humble project. Honestly, King Princess has taken “Fifteen minutes of fame” to a whole other level.  The album lends a nice glimpse of who King Princess is along with what is yet to come.

Make My Bed begins with a self-titled interlude, carefully placed at the beginning in order to captivate new fans with King Princess’ voice.

Talia is the first song of the album, a heartfelt breakup song specifically designed for the queer lady blues. It was written entirely by King Princess and dedicated to a heartbreaker by the name of Talia. The track describes all of the ill feelings one experiences during a break-up; everything from despising an ex-lover, infatuation and coping methods leading to a healing process.  

Putting her New York roots on the map, King Princess’ Upper West Side delivers the story of a wealthy Manhattan girl.  Think of this song as the queer unique rendition of Hall & Oates Rich Girl –  same storyline but with subjects of the same sex.

“The gay vibes remain constant throughout the album; the project is unapologetically queer.”

Holy is a sexy but subtle track (channels Tegan & Sara “Living Room” vibes).  It’s the song you want your crush to listen to but too shy to dedicate.  Holy is shameless track filled with queer female sexual liberation.  The track is delivered via a super mellow sound, neatly casting a spell.

Also completely written by King Princess is the last song of the album 1950, a potential new queer anthem.  The song pays homage to the queer folks in the 50’s who were restricted from publicly displaying affection to their partners.  1950 conveys the love between two female-identified folks who no longer feel obligated to hide their love from the public.

The gay vibes remain constant throughout the album; the project is unapologetically queer.  King Princess has definitely made a name for herself. Her debut album sets ground for what is yet to come.  I am rooting for a track link-up between her and Hayley Kiyoko, perhaps an upbeat song designed for the queer nightlife.  King Princess is an artist with a clear path of opportunities. As previously mentioned, Make My Bed is just a tease; we will patiently wait to hear more.

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