Short Film “One Of The Flowers” Is An Ode To Bisexuality

Short Film “One Of The Flowers” Is An Ode To Bisexuality

By Camille Ora-Nicole

one of the flowers

The last time we spoke to Moira McFadden, they were coming off their Productorial debut with the funny and heartfelt film, The Curse. Of course, as a true artist, the creative juices never dry as Moira and their twin Mo McFadden have recently released a new short film titled One of the Flowers.

One of the Flowers is essentially an ode to bisexuality. It compares human bisexuality to the bisexuality found in nature, more specifically to flowers, and calls for people to stop treating bisexuality like a made-up or unworthy concept.

“Since coming out as being bisexual, I have met many who have insisted, both directly and indirectly, that bisexuality doesn’t exist,” Moira notes.  “However, to concede to that point would be to deny the feelings I have had for both men and women— love has no gender.”

“One of the Flowers is necessary.”

Biphobia is a rampant issue not only in the cis-hetero world, but also amongst queer people. Like Moira, I have also met many people who insist that bisexual folx are to be avoided. I’ve also met people who simply don’t believe that bisexual folx exist. Typically, this seems to come out of a fear of a broken heart. Other times, it comes out of scorn born of a lack of understanding that fluidity is natural.

Regardless of the reason why, biphobia is the reason why folx that identify as bisexual suffer higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental issues compared to folx that identify as gay, straight, or lesbian. One of the Flowers aims to help assuage the issue by showing the beauty of love regardless of gender. 

“When you are a filmmaker and you aren’t seeing yourself represented in media, you can do one of two things: complain or commit to action,” says Moira, always aware of how media can play a massive role in changing people’s perceptions. 

One of the Flowers is necessary. If you know anyone who appreciates quality short films, share it with them. If you know anyone who is biphobic, share it with them. There is no reason why it shouldn’t change their mind. Watch the film here:

Starring: Moira McFadden, Gaetano Grippo, Carla Ornelas
Directed by: Mo McFadden, Warde M.
Produced by: Moira McFadden
Director of Photography: Mo McFadden
Written by: Moira McFadden, Mo McFadden

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