The Ideal Queer Space

The Ideal Queer Space

As told by The 26 Writing Team

This month, we asked The 26 writing team what they desired most out of a queer space. This is how everyone responded complete with quick layouts (more details to come!):

Jasmine Lowe

I can always imagine myself happy in a coffee shop. I’m especially partial to those off-beat establishments that have extremely comfy mismatched furniture scattered around the place. All I need is a place to comfortably relax, chill out, and sip coffee without worrying about ignorant people who may be full of hate or prejudice. If the place also turns into a spot that serves alcohol and plays music at night, I’m there.

Sondra Morris

I’m all about community and safe spaces so my ideal queer space would be an entire queer-centric building. On the first floor, I’d place a café/venue/workspace and on upper floors, I’d have apartments. The whole building would employ queer individuals and create an environment where employees don’t have to worry about harmful comments from supervisors or patrons. The café would serve nourishing food and drinks to individuals coming in to do work on their laptops, go on a date, or simply get a caffeine fix. By allowing this space to also function as an events venue, people could meet, interact, and connect in book clubs, workshops, trivia nights, whatever. I’d run this as a non profit, so rental rates in the apartments above would be fair and offered at cost. Each floor with apartments would have community rooms so residents could interact organically. Ideally residents and patrons to the café below would mingle and, over time, this building would be known as the ultimate location for finding queer community and safe space in Los Angeles.

Graciela Lopez Marquez

My vision of queer space entails all intersections. A place where folks within our community feel welcome and safe in a place that understands and uplifts our various complex identities. It’ll be a space where trans and queer women are respected and not belittled, let alone erased. A place where we can have our folks of color take lead without questions asked. Queer space where folks with disabilities can be accomodated without them asking, with plenty of space for them to own.  A place where our undocumented folks do not feel that they need to assimilate into the american LGBTQ culture, a place where their critique of the US is heard and validated.   My queer space is composed of those criminalized and transient, also the folks dealing with trauma and substance abuse, a place that welcomes them with open arms with the gay/trans flag hanging up high.

Joelle Bayaa-Uzuri

My ideal space would be a club.  The club would be open to any and all LGBTQ and queer identities and representations (and straight-allies as well) celebrating diversity, love, and life within the community.  The people would be less like strangers and more like family; as the space, with it’s enjoyable music, would feel more like home and a family reunion.  The club would celebrate and showcase art from various parts of the community as well.  

Camille Ora-Nicole

queer space

I’m obsessed with feeling at home, and with having a queer communal space to create, live, and dream in. Therefore, my ideal space is a house with plenty of room for a chosen family, space to create art, a library, and plenty of space to party when a party is the objective. 

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