WeHo Held The Country’s First Citywide Bi Pride Event

WeHo Held The Country’s First Citywide Bi Pride Event

By Jasmine Lowe

bi pride

WeHo celebrated the “B” in LGBTQ September 22 in the country’s first citywide Bi Pride event. The city of West Hollywood teamed up with the social community, AmBi, and the Human Rights Chapter to hold the historic event at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium.

According to a recent study by Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News, about half of the LGBT community identifies as bisexual. However, bi-erasure remains a problem still today.

Research from The Bisexual Resource Center reveals that people who identify as bisexual have higher rates of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, compared to heterosexuals, lesbians, and gays. They also often have a higher rate of heart disease, a higher rate of cancer risk factors, and a lower rate of cancer screening to heterosexuals. These health disparities are usually the result of the role bisexual erasure plays in reducing access to the resources and support opportunities bisexually oriented people so desperately need.

Most non-bisexual people are “threatened by bisexuality” because it blurs the lines between straight and gay “that people find very reassuring,” AmBi Director Ian lawrence-Tourinho said to the Los Angeles Blade. Because the bi community isn’t recognized “time and time again,” they’re making spaces for themselves.

“Being bi is about a lot more than sexuality.”

The free historical event, which included a rally, a bi visibility walk, and an amazing after party with performances that included Torrey Mercer and L.A. Dept. of Cultural Affairs Artist, Kai Hazelwood, aimed to do just this.

“Communities of color, trans and non-binary people, bisexuals, and lesbians still receive a lot of discrimination in our community at large,” said John Erickson, of the West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, to the Los Angeles Blade. “After the city formally recognized “Celebrate Bisexuality Day” last September, it came up as another way to engage the bi community in West Hollywood.”

The event did a wonderful job incorporating the importance of promoting research and education about bisexuality into a fun party.

“Being bi is about a lot more than sexuality,” said lawrence-Tourinho. “It’s a culture of in-between, of understanding multiple viewpoints, of navigating between worlds.” The mission is all about “bringing that bi in-between perspective to the world.”

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